Clinton 3am defence

Greetings of the day,

Or night, morning or predawn.

The importance of our political equation, neatly surmised by the twice failed female alternative to a recovering cocaine addict and a tax evading casino magnate, is our basis and founding argument in defence of our right to communicate at a time when politics – as the linked video displays – is at its level best and in most pressing need for communicating discernment.

The president may well get an urgent call at 3am, it is reasonable for such a political leader to pick up the phone and make some calls themselves.

And those in receipt of such executive attention will no doubt too pick up their phone to calll me or you.

And equally the understated, out of power, political candidates either in isolation or part of a wider organisation are to be afforded such due regard as has nearly all politicians on many an unconventional hour experienced without twice thinking about whether saving the world one day at a time was not as important as sleeping or resting, or shopping for groceries.

The 3am call proves it’s never the wrong time to play politics today, for days and even weeks on end.

The office of the public offender reserves this democratic right, afforded under the implied right to freedom of political speech and expression in the Constitution and upheld by the High Court of Australia.

We will not be cowed into silenced by authoritarian authorities who threaten our constitutionally protected civil liberties and rights.

So please don’t try and suffocate our voice, it’s an abrogation of our indisputable claim to libertarian liberties and one insult too many for the erstwhile Secretary of State who couldn’t win an election if she was the only one on the ballot.

That girl had nothing going on, not a narrative, understanding or even original idea.

Her credentials for president was that she had slept with one before, so if she can be with an unfaithful husband who sweet talked his way into office then surely everyone should throw their hands in the air and smash the glass ceiling for her.

We don’t care how many balls a politician has, just make sure they pick up the phone at 3am.

If you disturb our civil liberty to unhindered political communication at whatever time we see fit to elucidate our considered position, you’re no better than Adolf Hitler.

It’s 3am, who do you trust to make that 3am call?

The office of public offender of course.

We must fight to defend freedom, too many soldiers died defending it.

Our views don’t have to be in line with convention, nor does time to be completely within our rights to call you up at 3am.

See you next Tuesday.