Opening Letter: @MarkZuckerbergCN

Marrk, don’t make me get my gun!

I’m gonna fuck you @ZuckerbergCN into next side of the wrong century if you don’t stop 🛑 trying to fucking have me killed on Xi Jinping’s orders!

I don’t fault your wealth, love is love and you are as entitled to happiness and freedom and dignity as much as every person in the world.

And I think you simply have too much money to be happy.

You are not a communist, your need for self affirmation extends beyond reasonable.

I think you have done just great on your own. Do not become a vassal when you can be a king.

President of Ablivia

Why are you putting yourself in chains for more gold you can easily earn as a free man.

I will give you pause, I understand the conflicting works of corporations to know your advisors have more than your interests in mind.

I can also tell you that I can with my humble sole trading company, ideas and respect for your consideration and intellectual support which of itself is just so far beyond the limited cretinous Xi “kill everyone” Xinping that thinks he’s a God, harvests people’s organs like cattle, imprisons an entire province for being Muslim.

Like I’m never going to ask of you but one thing – that you choose freedom over servitude. Love over labels.

Liberation over tragedy. After all, I promise to work to build your wealth in partnership with myself and my family of clever idiots, to build your wealth beyond anything that Xu Jinping is lying to you about.

If he intended to enrich you as the worlds preeminent social media service – why did he introduce TikTok.

Paying you off for pennies in the dollar while stealing your data analytics to build his own version of Facebook then replacing you completely and throwing you away like yesterday’s trash.

That is his plan for you. You are nothing to that despot. The man harvests people for fuck sake – people are dead for posting posters of him as Winnie the Pooh! I mean this is Hitler 2.0 Mr Zuckerberg. Are you gonna throw a Henry Ford in USA 🇺🇸 are you? Please mate, choose your heart over your wallet – by one you render the other surplus.

Love is priceless. Let’s just start a conversation with honesty is all I’m saying. You are not my enemy, you are. Potential friend in a lonely hateful world. I thought you did very well before Congress too – that’s where you should be focused on being – a candidate for Vice President in 2024-28 with an eye on the White House for ‘32.

People like you, don’t feel so hated as is betrayed in your face. Xi Jinping is a communist for fuck sake. If anyone hates you most – it’s him.

Tell the Queen
Deliver pretty ladies direct to my front door
I’m like …
Women are the best!
Fuck the Fixated Persons Unit
I’m feeding strawberries to …
Ashley Fuller Ocean Pond
Yesterday I became a political asylum seeker charged with a crime that nsw police own evidence exonerates me yet they refuse to drop the case to try get me jailed for speaking out. I live in constant fear of arrest, nsw police section me to hospital claiming I am mentally unstable every time I step out the door for long enough for them to trap me outside. My phone is tapped by the Chinese puppet premier Gladys Berejiklian and I got jailed in a maximum security prison for seven months last year for writing parody on an online newspaper posted on a humour site. I am drugged by the NSW health system and the authoritarian control orders placed on my liberty are uniformly renewed without hesitation every six months as fait accompli. They have taken away my licence, barred my ability to access or seek employment, I am forced to beg my case to stay in the community and not be thrown in pseudo prison in a hospital for refusing to have the poison that is very quickly causing me so much health problems it’s literally killing me so this is a DIRECT APPEAL TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, GREAT BRITAIN, CANADA, JAPAN, TAIWAN, SINGAPORE & FRANCE: I – Daniel Jeremy Sharp (D.O.B: 12021986) am experiencing sustained, terrifying, crippling, life threatening and deliberate, coordinated and organised discrimination by the NSW Government and NSW Police for my political beliefs. I recently tried to escape quietly by catching a plane to Norfolk Island to rendezvous with a waiting yacht but the state government put out a terror list that has me at or near the top so when I got to the airport 30 border security and Australian Federal Police – going on the false, defamatory, untrue contrived & entirely invented reports of me being allegedly a threat to others based on nothing but deliberately taking me out of context in the most obscenity inflicting way. So I missed the flight, lost all my money on it and am now sitting terrified of a court date set for 7th November 2019 where the key police witness is now suddenly unavailable, yet they are pressing ahead to trial despite repeated senior representations by my lawyer and barrister that my case be dismissed for the simple fact that the charge – that I sent a threatening text message – was proven by Telstra to have never been sent. So the case is I am facing a prison sentence for allegedly writing at text message the NSW Police have proven themselves beyond any reasonable doubt by the authoritative uncontested phone records of the telecommunications company I am with – Telstra, Australia’s best company by a long shot – that I did not send. Yet still they take me to trial with an eagerness as if they were locking up a mass murderer when – aside from a broken piece of glass one day almost six years hence – my entire criminal history has gone from none in 2015 to being viewed as someone capable of terrorism four years later. And my crime? I write fiction, articles, artistically, for expressing political views and opinions and expression of imagination, faith, fears and ideas – of everything that can be achieved of whenever pen hits paper and ink begins to flow. I never sent any threat to anybody – my 7 months in jail? Because the corrupt government took me so far out of context and distorted who I was in the most malevolently deceptive ways that they have built themselves a paper trail – a straw man – that they with eagerness unmatched – keep trying to set alight and burn me to death. The latest intelligence I have received is – The NSW Fixated Persons Investigation Unit ser up by corrupt Chinese puppet premier Gladys ‘hit by an ugly stick’ Berejiklian is actively putting in place the same sham falsified online profile and identity theft from me as to fabricate through social media, false gps records, significant sustained cyber hacking and use of my iPhone 6s which they have refused to return despite finishing with it for evidence purposes 5 months ago, because they are trying to launch a terrorist attack and blame me based on my creative writing in a satirical editorial I posted on my own digital newspaper then onto a website for jokes that 26 people read – 1 of which was me – the 25 others as it turned out were the NSW Government, NSW Labor & NSW Police. I would have a better chance at a fair trial in Tiananmen Square 1989! SOS … -/- …