The Dalai Lama

I own a telecommunications & libertarian media company – Ocean Pond Media.

Initially focusing on media content, I experienced significant cyber attacks for some of the content I was writing – notably material about Beijing’s malevolent pursuance of Tibetan refugee diaspora into the countries in which they had sought refuge –


No one in power is reading or paying due regard to the horrifying pursuit of a stateless people by Beijing is going on, this is why –

It is no less abjectly disturbing as it would be if Adolf Hitler was demanding to choose the next leader of Israel.

Australia must stand free

It must be firmly and resolutely contested beyond scope for any reappearance of a Neville Chamberlain’s appeasing white piece of paper promising peace from a man so intolerant he could barely hold his rage at awarding a black man a gold medal at the 1936 Olympic Games.

This makes for some stark reading –

Xi Jinping has jailed nearly the entire province of Xinjiang, Tibetans are killed or forced to marry Han Chinese with impunity in an attempt to breed an entire nation into submission. Thousands upon thousands of brave Tibetan patriots have, and continue to fall victim to China’s murder factory as Beijing continues to try and extract the unique DNA inherent in all Tibetans which enables them to live comfortably at high altitudes.

Tibetan Annual Elvis Impersonation Competition

It is a significant reason why, despite ready tolerance of western liberalism and democracy – the Tibetan people remain diligently and authoritatively governed by the benevolent hand of the Dalai Lama.

As a non-Tibetan, I am not overly read on how the reincarnation faith of Tibetan Buddhism works, so I will respectfully defer to the teachings of the Dalai Lama himself (I am a Christian, however my faith instructs me to have faith of those who have faith).

This millennia old institution now stands risk to the 70 years of shame that is the godless communism of Xi Jinping’s Beijing led despotic regime.

Occupied Lhasa

Xi Jinping – who among many locals on the northern beaches has been coined Xi Gin Pin Dictionary for his widely rumoured reproductive under-endowment – can’t even bare to stomach innocent humour about his apparent likeness to Winnie the Pooh without launching yet another organ

harvesting reign of pure terror. Tens of thousands of Chinese dissidents are serving lengthy prison sentences or even falling victim to the hand of the insatiable multi billion organ harvesting regime that turns people into cattle waiting to be slaughtered and a corrupt dictatorship scrambling for more and more faux reasons to fill the insatiable unrealisable demand for eternal life without death as if the circle of life can somehow defiantly be defied.

By a godless communist at that.

China uncensored

My name is as important as yours, whether it is Tenzin, Dhorzu, Kyinzom or Sharp – we are all part of God’s complexity that is the universe.

For my little part, I thought myself to be well below the predeterminate part required for objectively malevolent attention by a communist superpower such that littered across the twittersphere are ominous references to an apparent terrorist attack plotted – whether serious or in jest, the litany of internet pollution on the matter is deserving at least of comment that someone decidedly in favour of a rising China and with particular dismay at the continued existence of Sydney’s northern beaches without what can only at best be described as a bad joke of dark intentions that deadpans so well as to miss the evidentiary (by favourable presumptive nature) joke.

Jokes, like true or false games written and posted in obvious jest, are meant to be funny. One errant post among many is of course par for any libertarian course, but to consider what intelligence organisations must surely have at least picked up in passing as a very large scale apparent mirth – well humour does form in many ways.

Heaven help Tibet


Daniel Sharp, BA (Hons.) Macq.

CEO, OCEAN POND MEDIA | Non-Executive Director, UK Liberal Democrats International

I have worked in government for most of my career – public and political service including stints as advisor to Australia’s Foreign Minister, Assistant Treasurer, Deputy President of NSW Legislative Council & civil servant at the Commonwealth Department of Home Affairs.

My post government roles have included working for the nurses federation, freelance writing, full time parenting, before formally starting my own company with initial focus on media in the digital economy and more recently diversifying my brand to one of media as well as telecommunications.

In an age of uncertain liberty, security of communications is key.

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance, we have seen too many brave souls fall in the name of freedom and liberty to let greed, self interest and betrayal of nations by those in government and industry who would sooner choose golden chains than live free.

Until Xi Jinping personally orders a hit on me, I will stand tall with the Tibetan people. If I fall, my only request is that you don’t let it be in vain.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard, my baby Lincoln & me on a sunny July afternoon