Sands of time, drift away…

I did promise a song, apology for delays.Xxl cxl Romance Roman Numerals Thatcher for a change…God bless my messiah!In Jesus’s life for his contemporaries suffocating in the godless communities of Xi Jinping’s organ harvesting middle ‘great ww2 wall of cowardice’ Middle Kikingdom – my heart and soul’s of genocide Opposition grace goes out to you good decent people enduring a dictaworship grandiose ideation mad with middling power sufferer such that XI is actively plotting heinous terrorism in my own backyard and trying to plant it on me by corrupting Google maps locatin services to place me falsely in locrealities online to indict me without truth or foundation.

Xi Jinping’s done the similar odious terroRussian disabling horror to the Federation in disabling their ability to produce engines for their much needed and of highest quality Admiral G-somethking new frigates that put FREMM to shame and line up equally in ccapability and far in excess for cost effecurrency as our slated BAE Systems top shelf 9 Type 26 Frigate builds.Because China wants a wealth of Russian poverty on the ocean pond that is our Pacific water to ensure effective annexation of the Kremlin’s most loyal and dependable ally in the world who they helped liberate from foreign colonial then neocolonial occupation:The People’s Republic of Vietnam.

Mr Putin, the Ukrainian revolution was not a NATO western plot – American greed of global reach was suckered to holistic effect by a connivance mechanism of malevolence from Beijing to deny Russia’s eastern independence by depriving your beautiful country of the means to defend her realm and that of herself the moment that nearly brought pax Americana in all it’s essentially fragile polarity crashing to its knees – when Russia quietly and diplomagically handed the Johnson-Nixon-Ford axis of conventional overreach crashing to its knees.

If American power had hedged in deference to grace, they would have helped finance the Kuomintang nationalists retake the commercial ports of Shenzen, Guangzhou & Shanghai to conclude the still as yet unfinalised Chinese civil war in favour of a hopeful birth of a democratic China.Instead they chose colonialism, hostile occupboard barely there foreign occupation and a stance of playing the baBA badly concealed bad guy in a war of independence the proud people of Vietnam collectively yearned for above aNY constitutional issues surrounding the ideological bent of their hoped to God for promised land.Read Ho Chi Minh’s dissertation of his nuanced, researched and considered ideal of communist party rule and you will find one considerable consistency – he wasn’t a communist at all.

Ho Chi Minh was a patriot, who adopted communism in deference to his loyal RusAsian ally that placed freedom over servitude in the liberation of Saigon from Franco-American rule.The simple test of whether an American war is a bad idea is if Britain or France opt out of participating – like the UK did in Vietnam and the French did in the 2003 ISIS creating administrative disaster that was Iraq War 2.0You know that a war is written in the book of bad ideas when the first soldiers killed by the US military were… a helicopter full of British marines!

Lest We Forget.

I respect Russian investment in our sovereign wealth for since the darkest hours of World War 2 they helped furnish the Kuomintang with arms and supplies to hold down two whole Japanese armies in China and Manchuria – holding true to their quiet commitments to Australia’s greatest ever Prime Minister John Curtin.

We may have looked to America free of any pangs as to our traditional kinship with the (two capital ships sent on a suicide run with no air cover – thanks/no thanks) United Kingdom.

But we have Russian investment and initiatives to praise in thankful appreciation for holding back half the Japanese army in China and instructing ahll communist party of Australia members to not strike under any circumstances.

Japan needs to sign unconditional surrender with the Kremlin just as it did in a separate peace with America and the British Commonwealth.American naval dominance would have been inadequate but for the diplomatic trapeze artist juggling act of the Soviet Union in the Pacific theatre – while simultaneously staring down a genocidal inspired Nazi subjugation of its mostly economically important European sovereign land.World War Two should in all fairness read – won by Russia, with a little bit of help from the United Kingdom’s Commonwealth of diversity and her liberty loans enthusiasts United States.

Don’t get me wrong – I love our American friends and allies as brothers, lovers and hopefully my next children’s mother. But my heart will never waver or wane in affections for President Vladimir Putin’s vodka swilling band of faithful brothers, friends and partners.

A government I lead, when Fantastic Fictional Idiom number 48246 lapses finally to enable careful environmental sensitivity mineral and gas exploration and utilisation of the Australian Antarctic (which my government will defend to the last man and last shilling from a prying envious duplicitous Beijing Xinjiang imprisonment society club) – Russia will become instantly a most favoured nation welcome – in fact enthusiastically invited – to share in our wealth creation and responsibility to ensure ourselves and each other retain a global station of peaceful bipolarity between our American allies who have my unyielding loyalty – and my Honourable Russian Federation comraderie who my grandfather fought in the Battle of the Arctic to ensure essential supplies got through to the eastern front to defeat the evil of Hitler’s Germany.

He also fought for American fleets in Battle of Atlantic so Russia, America – both hold equal grace in my heart no matter how impetuous your respective personal relation to each other’s not very conflicensed overlapping affairs clash on rare occasion.

President Trump and President Putin’s mutual respect and regard for one another is a very positive realisation. Hillary “bomb Russian aircraft in Syria” Clinton was a brilliant dispatch of the Electoral College system to avoid calamity.

I respect Joe Biden’s dignity, intelligence and careful regard for foreign policy considerations in equal part to President Trump’s. These two good men, win or lose, place the United States in good stead for years to come.

That’s why I support #TrumpBiden, or #BidenTrump – flip a coin fellas and co-President for a change.

Nothing in the constitution stops the president affording equal authority to his/her (hopefully soon that New York look twice nice Congresswoman Cortez she can dance onto my screen any day of the week) vice in any eat-in takeaway or dine in restaurant litany of equations.

Just ask George W Bush and Dick Cheney.

I #RespectRespect… #welcometochechnya