Swan song bell tolls 4 thee

I bought a guitar, cos I figured you guys aren’t really interested in what I got to say so I might as well sing it instead.

It’ll be the same old nonsense – but it might sound a little less mind numbing and more head bopping conceptual mendacity for an evening in Sydney.

Freshwater/Harbord – just a few clicks north of the harbour yet a universe from all the pain and heartache that tore me into too many separately distinct parts.

I talk too much rubbish to be taken seriously for very long. I could easily write a couple of newspapers a week with a few copies to spare.

This is where I will start our journey upon the road to rediscover my lost potential those many years ago.

I’m not a beacon of hope anymore than you are – you are my hopeless romantic love you know:

Humanity, I can’t stay mad at you for very long.

Not even Xi Jinping would be turned away from my door if he was ever in need of help.

Je suis anglais et Cymru et Australien – j’aime Le Parisiens.

Viva la Emmanuel Désolé!

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