Lawsuit Says Former Boy Scouts Have Named 350 More Abusers

Lawsuit Says Former Boy Scouts Have Named 350 More Abusers

Lawsuit Says Former Boy Scouts Have Named 350 More Abusers

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This is #China – there is no abuse only false allegations made by kids of parents who have been paid off.

Look at the parents or relatives bank accounts or assets – if there is unexplained wealth sieze it immediately – it is an act of modern war by modern day fifth columnist.

How many paedophiles have I met in my life?

1 a- Monique Ingrouille! My baby boy Lincoln told me that she grabs his balls as a game!

You don’t grab a the balls – and neither did Cardinal George Pell who got convicted on hearsay by a single witness that has no supporting statement by anyone that saw it and we are expected to just believe that Cardinal Pell just threw away a lifetime of decency, hard work and charity and fondle two kids in the middle of a church service????

Like COME ON AUSTRALIA – Call bullshit when you see it!

A man of faith is in chains for his Twilight years for doing nothing but simply being good and not yielding to the cancer that is China.

Beijing has been setting me up for years, now I’m getting towards a court appearance facing a similar charge as if I had committed grievous bodily harm!

Quick Doctor, he’s been hit with a series of words … not bullets?

You know the fact that initial reports of Christchurch shootings and police had made numerous arrests on what seemed at the time like a sophisticated terrorist attack involving a number of terrorists?

How did it go from that to three days later all the media companies all agreeing with each other that it was a sole shooter.

Come on New Zealanders – don’t buy your Prime Hysterical Jardern Acinda for a second.

Her first statement after the tragedy was “words hurt” – like what the fuck bitch did you foraging question say???


What about THE FOUR OTHER GuNMEN that got arraigned but were all acquitted like clockwork just days later without any investigation.

I have reported cyberattacks and intimidation and theft and breaking and enter and fraud and even child abuse directly and repeatedly to the NSW police.

They have done a sum total of nothing. I’m not safe here England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

Je alarmé monde Français ! Très fears !

America – I’m in a May Day May Day May Day May Day