Media Alert* – 12am/pm (because there is no such thing as either)

What? Do you put a value on the number zero? 12 is 12 is as numerically impotent as 0 = 0, add or subtract 12 o’clock from 12 o’clock from sundown until sunrise for the eternity of time for all I care. You are never not going to be any other than gravely disappointed after a lifetime of numerical inferiority. Which leads me to my main basic equational disparate contextual manifest cluster pile of computer aided design: what is 1.5 billion minus 24 million?

Thihttp:https;// is the geotracked location of whoever was logged into my iphone 6s+ at 2:03am – like wtf are they??? #monique = #kaila = #harris = #buchler = #China … I’m starting to understand how Manly feels after the game!

When you are getting hacked you can’t add content on WordPress very well without the screen shaking around – so just use a heading (not great but shakes more like a navy ship in swell rather than a plane in a downward spiral. I choose swell over plane crash. Gerry German’s Freshwater Newsagent recommends in the event of World War 3 – Join the Navy. It’s like dying on a cruise ship – worst ways to go out. Plus the navy moves more drugs than any cartel in Australia, and the world. Who do you think gets shit past customs so easily? If you want high quality methamphetamine – go join the Royal Australian Navy. I salute you my breaking bad bastards!

Dance my little meth addicts! 😅🇫🇯(close enough eh?) #Scapaflow #Portsmouth #Gibraltar #Bahrain #Qatar – Daniel Sharp, comms petty officer – #RoyalNavy #type45 #type26 #type31 #hmsprinceofwales #trafalgar #jutland #hmsdragon 🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿