The Rich Kid

Qatar or UAE … ? 190724 = 012479 = _abdgi = [No. wrong way go back #whoops]

Really is: odds = evens 19717.024024 now we can take a pub test punt hoping the encryption is low level so I can go back checking out pretty girls wondering how God created such temptation only to insist we resist it.

You ask to much oh Lord, but here is your message:


One is true one is disinformation, but that’s up to your intelligence to infer. This is intelligence by the way – we’re not exactly janitors. Money isn’t what drive those to service – faith of heart and loyalty to country are the two preferred acquisitions by any prospective employee.

If you can be bought off, no matter how high the price, you’re no better than a cheap hooker – however high, the fact you have a price establishes you as a prostitute. And whores will have their trinkets!


Dear 🍄s,

Welcome to the northern beaches, where people are inherently better than wherever dead end piece of who cares you came from.

We are basically libertarians at heart, who support government like Guy Fawkes supported Westminster Parliament in his quest to be the only man to have entered a legislature with honest intentions.

Credentials for Spook Hill provided after we reverse propaganda the US with African American content their media can hold down for only so long.

We don’t advocate revolution, why signal your intentions to a recognised adversary such as foggy bottom.

The US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, just showed the workd how ‘special’ the UK-US ‘special’ relationship is.

If it’s a yankee – send an aircraft carrier taskforce. If it’s an ally, shrug your shoulders and give your Commonwealth allies the message we all just heard to point of inflection:

We are not your empty vassals, our interests and world view is so much more peaceful, prosperous, democratic, stable and free – not your petty Dick Cheney ideated ‘first among equals society.

ANZUS and SEATO will remain in contact and we will hope to maintain a military alliance and close rapport similar to what it would be able to – We got a friendly please explain from someone we took to be addressing regarding Orwellian NSW

Discordantly yours,

NEXT UP: Bipolar Bar Demand:Manly Warringah Radio – E4T 5H1T

Fuck it, I’ll spoon feed you:

(no that was more code that I didn’t want you to know about – here is encryptedmessage in full:)

What is this? Who is this? Who is this?

23.5.3.VK2MB-TV = separate (dah, nyet very clever are we?)

23.5.3 .3* false addition to piss you off and slow you down.

235 – 2 + 3 = 5, therefore + = 5

= 253




Did you forget about Russia? Who smashes the entire city of Sydney’s security, law enforcement, and political establishment in one fell swoop of a shirtfront just to show my dear adversarial mentor Game of Tones the meaning of a shirtfront.

The northern beaches has been Russian since the Petrovs, because Russia is our secret partner in the Asia Pacific and basically there is an understanding that Russia has a free hand to mine for oil and gas in Antarctica and split profits with Austalia much like the Russian Rio Tinto arrangement (I’ll get you a picture in a sec – got to publish this as China hackers just arrived!)


Hey Morrison – buy me!




Balls deep in Senator Sydney Sham Dastyari


My future ex-wife