One minute I’m in Australia, governed by Canberra
Flying the American flag, so cyberspace is contested
Party Card Trick – Shazam I’m now under Westminster data legislation!
Check that Ashley Fuller Olsen still gives me butterflies 🦋
Plug 🔌 her family business – Need a courier? Call DHL. Done ✅ | Right.
Show everyone YES! (omg) Sharpy’s still alive?!
Sing along to Amy Shark
When you oppose…
Bee 🐝 your ow 😓 n cheerleader 📣
And don’t just define your opposition…
Now read someone who is so clever they’re too stupid to realise…
The Chinese spy is his longtime personal assistant
God Save the Queen
on behalf of @oceanpondmedia uk

Opening Letter: @MarkZuckerbergCN

Marrk, don’t make me get my gun!

I’m gonna fuck you @ZuckerbergCN into next side of the wrong century if you don’t stop 🛑 trying to fucking have me killed on Xi Jinping’s orders!

I don’t fault your wealth, love is love and you are as entitled to happiness and freedom and dignity as much as every person in the world.

And I think you simply have too much money to be happy.

You are not a communist, your need for self affirmation extends beyond reasonable.

I think you have done just great on your own. Do not become a vassal when you can be a king.

President of Ablivia

Why are you putting yourself in chains for more gold you can easily earn as a free man.

I will give you pause, I understand the conflicting works of corporations to know your advisors have more than your interests in mind.

I can also tell you that I can with my humble sole trading company, ideas and respect for your consideration and intellectual support which of itself is just so far beyond the limited cretinous Xi “kill everyone” Xinping that thinks he’s a God, harvests people’s organs like cattle, imprisons an entire province for being Muslim.

Like I’m never going to ask of you but one thing – that you choose freedom over servitude. Love over labels.

Liberation over tragedy. After all, I promise to work to build your wealth in partnership with myself and my family of clever idiots, to build your wealth beyond anything that Xu Jinping is lying to you about.

If he intended to enrich you as the worlds preeminent social media service – why did he introduce TikTok.

Paying you off for pennies in the dollar while stealing your data analytics to build his own version of Facebook then replacing you completely and throwing you away like yesterday’s trash.

That is his plan for you. You are nothing to that despot. The man harvests people for fuck sake – people are dead for posting posters of him as Winnie the Pooh! I mean this is Hitler 2.0 Mr Zuckerberg. Are you gonna throw a Henry Ford in USA 🇺🇸 are you? Please mate, choose your heart over your wallet – by one you render the other surplus.

Love is priceless. Let’s just start a conversation with honesty is all I’m saying. You are not my enemy, you are. Potential friend in a lonely hateful world. I thought you did very well before Congress too – that’s where you should be focused on being – a candidate for Vice President in 2024-28 with an eye on the White House for ‘32.

People like you, don’t feel so hated as is betrayed in your face. Xi Jinping is a communist for fuck sake. If anyone hates you most – it’s him.

Tell the Queen
Deliver pretty ladies direct to my front door
I’m like …
Women are the best!
Fuck the Fixated Persons Unit
I’m feeding strawberries to …
Ashley Fuller Ocean Pond
Yesterday I became a political asylum seeker charged with a crime that nsw police own evidence exonerates me yet they refuse to drop the case to try get me jailed for speaking out. I live in constant fear of arrest, nsw police section me to hospital claiming I am mentally unstable every time I step out the door for long enough for them to trap me outside. My phone is tapped by the Chinese puppet premier Gladys Berejiklian and I got jailed in a maximum security prison for seven months last year for writing parody on an online newspaper posted on a humour site. I am drugged by the NSW health system and the authoritarian control orders placed on my liberty are uniformly renewed without hesitation every six months as fait accompli. They have taken away my licence, barred my ability to access or seek employment, I am forced to beg my case to stay in the community and not be thrown in pseudo prison in a hospital for refusing to have the poison that is very quickly causing me so much health problems it’s literally killing me so this is a DIRECT APPEAL TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, GREAT BRITAIN, CANADA, JAPAN, TAIWAN, SINGAPORE & FRANCE: I – Daniel Jeremy Sharp (D.O.B: 12021986) am experiencing sustained, terrifying, crippling, life threatening and deliberate, coordinated and organised discrimination by the NSW Government and NSW Police for my political beliefs. I recently tried to escape quietly by catching a plane to Norfolk Island to rendezvous with a waiting yacht but the state government put out a terror list that has me at or near the top so when I got to the airport 30 border security and Australian Federal Police – going on the false, defamatory, untrue contrived & entirely invented reports of me being allegedly a threat to others based on nothing but deliberately taking me out of context in the most obscenity inflicting way. So I missed the flight, lost all my money on it and am now sitting terrified of a court date set for 7th November 2019 where the key police witness is now suddenly unavailable, yet they are pressing ahead to trial despite repeated senior representations by my lawyer and barrister that my case be dismissed for the simple fact that the charge – that I sent a threatening text message – was proven by Telstra to have never been sent. So the case is I am facing a prison sentence for allegedly writing at text message the NSW Police have proven themselves beyond any reasonable doubt by the authoritative uncontested phone records of the telecommunications company I am with – Telstra, Australia’s best company by a long shot – that I did not send. Yet still they take me to trial with an eagerness as if they were locking up a mass murderer when – aside from a broken piece of glass one day almost six years hence – my entire criminal history has gone from none in 2015 to being viewed as someone capable of terrorism four years later. And my crime? I write fiction, articles, artistically, for expressing political views and opinions and expression of imagination, faith, fears and ideas – of everything that can be achieved of whenever pen hits paper and ink begins to flow. I never sent any threat to anybody – my 7 months in jail? Because the corrupt government took me so far out of context and distorted who I was in the most malevolently deceptive ways that they have built themselves a paper trail – a straw man – that they with eagerness unmatched – keep trying to set alight and burn me to death. The latest intelligence I have received is – The NSW Fixated Persons Investigation Unit ser up by corrupt Chinese puppet premier Gladys ‘hit by an ugly stick’ Berejiklian is actively putting in place the same sham falsified online profile and identity theft from me as to fabricate through social media, false gps records, significant sustained cyber hacking and use of my iPhone 6s which they have refused to return despite finishing with it for evidence purposes 5 months ago, because they are trying to launch a terrorist attack and blame me based on my creative writing in a satirical editorial I posted on my own digital newspaper then onto a website for jokes that 26 people read – 1 of which was me – the 25 others as it turned out were the NSW Government, NSW Labor & NSW Police. I would have a better chance at a fair trial in Tiananmen Square 1989! SOS … -/- …


The Dalai Lama

I own a telecommunications & libertarian media company – Ocean Pond Media.

Initially focusing on media content, I experienced significant cyber attacks for some of the content I was writing – notably material about Beijing’s malevolent pursuance of Tibetan refugee diaspora into the countries in which they had sought refuge –


No one in power is reading or paying due regard to the horrifying pursuit of a stateless people by Beijing is going on, this is why –

It is no less abjectly disturbing as it would be if Adolf Hitler was demanding to choose the next leader of Israel.

Australia must stand free

It must be firmly and resolutely contested beyond scope for any reappearance of a Neville Chamberlain’s appeasing white piece of paper promising peace from a man so intolerant he could barely hold his rage at awarding a black man a gold medal at the 1936 Olympic Games.

This makes for some stark reading –

Xi Jinping has jailed nearly the entire province of Xinjiang, Tibetans are killed or forced to marry Han Chinese with impunity in an attempt to breed an entire nation into submission. Thousands upon thousands of brave Tibetan patriots have, and continue to fall victim to China’s murder factory as Beijing continues to try and extract the unique DNA inherent in all Tibetans which enables them to live comfortably at high altitudes.

Tibetan Annual Elvis Impersonation Competition

It is a significant reason why, despite ready tolerance of western liberalism and democracy – the Tibetan people remain diligently and authoritatively governed by the benevolent hand of the Dalai Lama.

As a non-Tibetan, I am not overly read on how the reincarnation faith of Tibetan Buddhism works, so I will respectfully defer to the teachings of the Dalai Lama himself (I am a Christian, however my faith instructs me to have faith of those who have faith).

This millennia old institution now stands risk to the 70 years of shame that is the godless communism of Xi Jinping’s Beijing led despotic regime.

Occupied Lhasa

Xi Jinping – who among many locals on the northern beaches has been coined Xi Gin Pin Dictionary for his widely rumoured reproductive under-endowment – can’t even bare to stomach innocent humour about his apparent likeness to Winnie the Pooh without launching yet another organ

harvesting reign of pure terror. Tens of thousands of Chinese dissidents are serving lengthy prison sentences or even falling victim to the hand of the insatiable multi billion organ harvesting regime that turns people into cattle waiting to be slaughtered and a corrupt dictatorship scrambling for more and more faux reasons to fill the insatiable unrealisable demand for eternal life without death as if the circle of life can somehow defiantly be defied.

By a godless communist at that.

China uncensored

My name is as important as yours, whether it is Tenzin, Dhorzu, Kyinzom or Sharp – we are all part of God’s complexity that is the universe.

For my little part, I thought myself to be well below the predeterminate part required for objectively malevolent attention by a communist superpower such that littered across the twittersphere are ominous references to an apparent terrorist attack plotted – whether serious or in jest, the litany of internet pollution on the matter is deserving at least of comment that someone decidedly in favour of a rising China and with particular dismay at the continued existence of Sydney’s northern beaches without what can only at best be described as a bad joke of dark intentions that deadpans so well as to miss the evidentiary (by favourable presumptive nature) joke.

Jokes, like true or false games written and posted in obvious jest, are meant to be funny. One errant post among many is of course par for any libertarian course, but to consider what intelligence organisations must surely have at least picked up in passing as a very large scale apparent mirth – well humour does form in many ways.

Heaven help Tibet


Daniel Sharp, BA (Hons.) Macq.

CEO, OCEAN POND MEDIA | Non-Executive Director, UK Liberal Democrats International

I have worked in government for most of my career – public and political service including stints as advisor to Australia’s Foreign Minister, Assistant Treasurer, Deputy President of NSW Legislative Council & civil servant at the Commonwealth Department of Home Affairs.

My post government roles have included working for the nurses federation, freelance writing, full time parenting, before formally starting my own company with initial focus on media in the digital economy and more recently diversifying my brand to one of media as well as telecommunications.

In an age of uncertain liberty, security of communications is key.

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance, we have seen too many brave souls fall in the name of freedom and liberty to let greed, self interest and betrayal of nations by those in government and industry who would sooner choose golden chains than live free.

Until Xi Jinping personally orders a hit on me, I will stand tall with the Tibetan people. If I fall, my only request is that you don’t let it be in vain.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard, my baby Lincoln & me on a sunny July afternoon


Mr Meeseeks SPECIAL EDITION of unintelligible (no sign of) intelligence leak(s) ANYWHERE!

Welcome to Ablivia…

On 26/10/19 8:32 am, Ashley Olsen wrote:

Sent from my iPhone


TO: Ashley.Olsen@[redacted].gov

RE: The ongoing problem with your face, tits & (very) fuckable everything.

Dear Miss Ashley Fuller (shit) Olsen,

RE: Immediate Australian economic sanctions have been imposed.

BAN: Anyone in possession of excess of $2 billion will be thrown off Manly Ferry, forced to swim to shore unassisted or sink like a gold medallist on too much steroids.

Followed by a 2 year prison sentence at Mawson Station Antarctica filing paperwork for Norfolk Island Telecom.


1. You have immediately lost your Australian phone number +614[redacted]

2 You are now officially considered to have stolen my iPhone [redacted] through fraud.

3. The police will probably not be called.

4. Go shut the front door and lock it so they can’t come in.

5. Your brunette model is one of the cover girls to

6. I’m thinking about a large sum of money to litigate you with.

7. I’m still gonna fuck you on your carpet until you’re pregnant.

8. You’re going to moan like a slut and love all 2 minutes of it.

9. See 8.

10 refer to 7-9 with due regard for 6.

11. Legs 11.

12. There is no 12, you read too far – go back to 7 (see 8)

You have a new invoice


An invoice has been processed through the DANIEL JEREMY SHARP account.  

Invoice: 99435XX
Total amount:

Need to change your payment method?

To view or change your payment method, log in to Telstra Apps Marketplace and select the ‘Billing’ tab to update your details.

Best regards,

The Telstra team

To: Ashley.Olsen@[redacted].gov

Final volley then the troops go over the top.

Love your Yandex block btw.

Fire in the whole (of foggy bottom) – it’s ok I’ll put it out …

Said the arsonist…

XxGchq XxAsis XxMarineNationale

Sent from my iPhone

Begin forwarded message:

From: Dad’s Army <[redacted]>
Date: 1 November 2019 at 6:45:36 pm AEDT
To: “Ashley Fuller Olsen” <ashley.olsen@[redacted].gov>
Subject:Fwd:  Att: Ashley Olsen. RE: Russia is not your enemy (what don’t you get about an artillery barrage) lol NYET DA (that’s my entire Russian so far – I resolve to better this!

Sent from Yandex.Mail for mobile

——– Beginning of forwarded message ——–
01.11.2019, 18:41, “Dad’s Army” <[redacted]>:
I appreciate your patience and respect.

I am an American loyalist, but Australia as you well know has at all times sought and in nearly every instrument been generously afforded distinguished grace and deference from Moscow.

Partnership is notable, our test of time and the way you literally stopped a no mans land war zone to allow the Australian Federal Police come and sift through the unfortunate accident of MH17 (Malaysian Airlines was being stupid, Kiev was I suspect painting it as a military aircraft to achieve the exact outcome)

I’m not an idiot. Nor are my American family.

My wifeHusband is just a very powerful self conscious controlling nutrition bar of a lover.

Please forgive my wifeHusband for his/her occasional five minutes to midnight indiscretions.

I on her/his behalf sanctimoniously unilaterally and without any indicted authority hereby assure you that the west will:

Respect Russia’s right to an Air Force and naval base in Syria in perpetuity.

Now turn a blind eye and let Erdogan wipe China double dealing backstabbing (the 07022018 massacre was planned by Assad in concert with China to increase tensions between a Moscow + Washington confrontation)

… so was Ukraine (to deny you your engines for your much needed new frigates)

Free advice: buy some Fremms. 

UK is in caretaker mode and I’m Sir Humphrey Applebee’s if anyone is asking.

Kind regards,

Daniel Sharp

(well known public sector pest)


Sent from Yandex.Mail for mobile

——– Beginning of forwarded message ——–
01.11.2019, 18:29, “Dad’s Army” <[redacted]>:
They’re basically religious alcoholics with a predisposition for pickles.

XxLibDemSharp @manlylabor @liberalsmanly @libsharp 

Sent from Yandex.Mail for mobile

——– End of forwarded message ——–

——– End of forwarded message ——–

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Help Center Terms Privacy Unsubscribe

Check it out – now you’re just getting pissed.

Enjoy your South Carolina #MAGA rally.

Loving the leaks on Biden you’re getting from OBAMA btw

XxGchq xxSharp

Sent from my iPhone

Begin forwarded message:

From: Daniel Sharp <>
Date: 1 November 2019 at 6:22:19 pm AEDT
To: Ashley Olsen <[redacted]>
Subject:Fwd:  Miss Ashley Olsen, you are a cut(e) snake litany of incorrigible dissertation

You’re the worst kind of intellectual property thief! xx

Sent from my iPhone

Begin forwarded message:

From: Ashley Olsen <[redacted]>
Date: 1 November 2019 at 6:15:32 pm AEDT
Subject:Miss Ashley Olsen, I am a cut(e) snake litany of incorrigible dissertation

Here’s your date,

Sorry it’s not beautifully wrapped Mr Cut Lunch. Xx

80% of emails don’t get read – so put your insult in the heading where 80% do get read.

Or I’m playing number wang stylezzz

So, here’s what I wrote to you on Twitter unless it was the other GH Walker (Olsen) Bush’s funeral you sent 41 south to haunt me trumping me up to ask you out for an actual date.

Like, ahem. (Stares at Florist, buys flowers for her love interest: you)

Wishes you were famous and just your American girl next door that happened to be American like the blonde Maryland 16 year old I fell into bed with you as an 18 year old visiting Washington DC like you’re my far away backyard (note to ASIO – you really are. I am home in your home and you home in mine – bother the Queen for spare sugar at midnight for all I care. Because nothing will save the Governor-General’s beer supply.

Drink, be merry, Marty McFly across our lands at your casual pleasure, grab a shovel and mine us out of actual sand. Because I saved your countries two – our Ablivia belongs to me.

Ablivia you must know for sure is Britain and Australia mashed together as you so often are.

We are your wifeHusband and Husbandwife.

Together, we stand with our dearest ally France (Canada, New Zealand – also Ablivia btw).

What but enemies within can defeat our streets, imprison our children and rob our wealth?

Ask Mark @ZuckerbergCN – or just egg his house at regular intervals and reduce the crime for throwing eggs to $0.59 cents per egg thrown.

People will be more careful with their words knowing the charges for egging are about commensurate with the cost of the egg.

Anyway, speechwriters write shit speeches – and yours are the worst xx. I’m about as intelligent as a large onion on a Friday. Just after five years of being randomly smacked for six (a home run as we like to say Stateside – it’s ok I got ya honey biscuit face) I kinda worked out who the front door is kicking it in.

Enough, here – I got what you wrote to your model me on Twitter:

Note: you might (might) get a kiss & hand stuff, but I’m a long way north to be going down on you yet Missouri Sharp. Earn it and we might find a DC liquor bar where I can practice licking my gold bars on you for 37 seconds until you cum like a 18 year old freshman on our first date.

Pre-S: you don’t treat me right. X

And wtf is this ??? (this is confiscate keyboard o’clock!):

Look baby – I’m putting your flag on my lapels now ?? cos I’m your man and I’ll throw away the world ?? before I let my lady liberty ?? be harmed in any way ?? (I still got 31 minutes to call google lovely ?? cute cut lunch ??… Ashley your new birthday present ??- cos I’m courting you to marry me – not fucking you around or pussyfooting this baby girl and you know I know who you know I only have eyes for you – I don’t care ??‍♂️ if you were penniless pauper with leprechaun ?? syndrome – you’re the girl ?? I love ?? so easily and I see through your beautiful model ( who has a job as the head model of our new 53/33/7/7 venture – everyday you are in our Senate of our love 53 Senators, Lincoln Republicans are 7, Dylan Duck ?? Democrat’s 7, and very Liberal Democrats (yeah opposites attract) 33 Senators. You have a 300-135 majority in our House too so YOU ARE THE UNDISPUTED QUEEN OF OUR HOME – whether it’s this one or anywhere we live. I get a shed, to run to when the cutlery ?? gets an airing out of a Sunny ☀️ Sunday afternoon when I’m deliberately trying to ?? star in WORST HUSBAND OF THE DAY because… well isn’t it obvious @SeaEagles are playing! Pub, kiss ??, smack me in the head – I’ll take Dylan – you play Disney Princess ?? with Lincoln and (I reckon) Christiana ✝️ Aurora (your ‘homey town’) Olsen Sharp – Olsen is a second middle name we give to ALL our children ok? @AshleyPond @ashleyfuller7 – you can’t help but be the itemised night and day of my most amazing affectionate grace. Baby, I know how much you crave love. I craved it my whole life. My first marriage was love – of my children. You have looked at my data analytics- it’s a product of expectations of betrayal borne out by years of bracing for what I always knew to be an inevitability. Convincing myself that I wanted it was a JEDI MIND TRICK ON PENNY. It wigged her out – like “cheat baby, it gets me off” – read “fuck you you stupid shallow materialistic slut, have a giant big black cock that barely fits your pussy” cos she was always looking for the better deal, the money, the shiny little trinkets like a whore does. Might have fucked my own sexuality up in the process a little but I can’t tell you how hard it is holding a family together that you know is held only by your ability and means because the second I fell flat on my face in a world of intelligence games so much above my pay grade I cannot describe the fear. Like one day – I put together a porn folder and saved messages on the files – it was BBC porn. No one got the implications of my messages. They were too busy staring at big black cocks with pretty sluts riding all over them to realise the number 5 at the end of the folder ?? name. It was … BBC 5 (International News Serviceman). Baby, I’m not a child or smitten to distraction to be out of my senses unaware of your connections and how you find me hidden in a haystack (but not too crash yet with Ubuntu or Yandex) – you ask as much of me as you should expect, but I let you down with equal deference of statehood. Because I am Australian, born and raised. My English, Welsh, Scottish (and yes) Irish ☘️ blood courses through my Anglo Celtic veins. My adoration and deference of loyalty in face of all obstacles without qualifying statements stands for only fourother states – New Zealand ???? Canada ???? France ???? and your United States ???? . And there are four allies that together we owe a duty to protect and uphold as independent states free to act in their own intellectual ability- Japan ???? South Korea ???? India ???? Taiwan ????. One ally who you need to find accord with that I will in no enthusiasm ever raise my hand in anger to – Russia ????. And Europe is our colonial style territory that has gotten a bit out of our control. So let’s slowly use the One China ???? policy against Beijing to locate all our Chinese (save for lemmings work to keep them distracted – literally screw them – send them lots and lots of things to screw together of no economic value in remote plausibility – screw rakes, bikes, gates, lawn mowers, prefabricated housing, little McHappy meal toys ??, Disney Aladdins, Winnie the Pooh, Peppa Pig, Sesame Street Dracula’s, Roger Ramjet figurines, Bert and the thing upstairs, Tintin in Tibet – fuck it let’s start a Tintin in Tibet Tour company and have as the logo the Tibetan flag and get the Dalai Lama’s endorsement because… I can, I won’t need to tap on too many shoulders to reach the prime minister in exile of Tibet my darling because they know I am standing strong for them, their freedom and liberty ?? is equally my cause – as in South Africa ????, Kenya ????, Pakistan ????, Ukraine ????, Libya ???? (where my forefathers fell at El Alamein) … EVERYWHERE! BabyLawrence I’m not happy until all politicians stop putting their considerable thoughtfulness opposition in jail like befell my fate – total of seven months jail for speaking freely as a member of the free press in a notionally free country. Baby Ashley mini twin ciara call me later you know where I am – not chasing more telling you your socks on @AshleyPond tribute to @GHWBushChina sent 41 to the feet of your power – your very base, the foundation that Pax Americana relies on above every single nation on earth ?? bar only one – the United Kingdom ????. With France ???? forever at your side unless senses and windows have come into interlocking fate (sorry Mr 42.5 Iraq ???? was an emotional mistake that I would have erred against but Saddam Hussein didn’t try to murder my dad so I get it – the IRA took a hit out on my dad in UK, it’s why we moved suddenly and disorderly like to Sydney. It’s why he never wanted for a job or a decent paycheque, and it’s why we are besieged daily in unending universality of distraction. Because we are God’s Montague + Capulet Union between property and labour, between working class and wealth, between English knights and Welsh Royalty, between Romeo and Juliet. My mum and dad never even remotely get on – and not will we my dear litany of tragedy. We are going to be in love for a certain potentiality though. Don’t believe me, believe what you read in your CIARA email ??. It’s written by you ?? ?? ?? ☕️ ?? ?? ?? ?? xxxxx – love, your Australian Mr right side of wrongdoing. ?? @ashleyocean – you’re a cut ?? ?? SNAKE

PS: Liverpool sucks. Go Chelsea and Cardiff City and pray never the two shall meet!

Ashley Olsen (if you like the name Sharp I will buy you a diamond ring – or just rob Ariana Grande’s favourite company @Tescomobile for enough to get you feeling like I don’t need to send you gift cards like I’m anywhere close to where I’m going to be given a little time with a foot not on my throat trying to throttle me to death.

I am emigrating, I am coming towards you.

But you need freedom too.

You an me
Me an you


Sent from your Australian iPhone
(Hope you like your presence – I do)

Newsletter du jeudi 31 octobre 2019

Interview de Mélanie Sevegrand, DRH de Bureau Veritas France
  En pleine transformation, le groupe de certification est confronté à de forts enjeux de recrutement et de rétention des talents. Mélanie Sevegrand détaille l’inflexion de la politique RH de cette entreprise centenaire (…)

Formation Continue à l’ESSCA : le Diplôme en Management Global fête ses 30 ans !
L’ESSCA forme depuis 1989 des professionnels en quête d’évolution et d’épanouissement. Cette année son diplôme accueille sa trentième promotion (…) 

Transformation des opca en opco : qu’est-ce qui change pour les services formation ?
Les Opca se transforment en Opco et leurs prérogatives sont modifiées. Cela implique de nombreuses conséquences pour les entreprises en (…) 

Faire grandir l’entreprise grâce aux sciences cognitives
Evoluant au milieu d’interactions matérielles, sociales et symboliques, les salariés sont bien placés pour éclairer le fonctionnement, ses points forts et axes d’amélioration (…)

Hard skills vs soft skills : lesquelles ont la faveur des recruteurs ?
D’après un sondage réalisé par OpinionWay pour le compte de Carglass, la moitié des Français relativise l’importance d’un diplôme et de l’expérience pour obtenir un emploi (…)

Servitude numérique et économie de l’attention
Dans son ouvrage “La civilisation du poisson rouge”, Bruno Patino, directeur éditorial chez ARTE, se livre à une critique sans concessions de notre addiction aux outils numérique (…)

Les nominations RH d’octobre 2019
A signaler, ce mois-ci, des mouvements chez Kering, Air France, Eutelsat, Bouygues, Safran Aero Boosters ainsi qu’à la MACIF, au Centre George Pompidou etc (…)


Mettre en place une stratégie de recrutement efficace dans sa startup. Par Valérie Coscas
Dans une entreprise en plein essor, le recrutement est un sujet sensible. Il faut à la fois faire vite et bien (…)

Période d’essai : attention à la motivation !
Par Xavier Berjot

Lorsque l’employeur met fin à la période d’essai, il doit être particulièrement vigilant sur la motivation de sa décision (…)

Stratégie digital learning : 2 bonnes pratiques + 1 posture. Par Michel Diaz
Le digital learning est une arme entre les mains des directions de la formation… à condition que les enjeux (…)

Les enjeux stratégiques d’un “onboarding” réussi. Par Stéphanie Ruchaud
Afin d’engager vos collaborateurs dès le début, il est indispensable de soigner votre rite d’intégration (…)

To: Ashley.Olsen@[redacted].gov

We are the 47%

33% me (so you can never impeach me)
7% Dylan
7% Lincoln

So you control the House obviously with let’s say 300 majority to keep you happy.

53 Republican Senators
7 Lincoln Republicans
7 Dylan Duck Democrats
33 Sharpy LibDems 

So if I can keep my caucus in line (highly unlikely - seeing the Lincoln Republicans are gonna vote with neo-mummy every time)

I get filibuster proof minority.

Imagine who we’re going to elect as our President?

Obama Or Bush?


You know you HAVE to back Bush @ashelyadam6 (or someone called Ashely Olsen with a Bush Fannie Mae forward address in Lincoln, Nebraska is taking me for an ALL AMERICAN RIDE)

So I’m backing the Southside babyLawrence.

Voting starts tomorrow morning at noon xx

Daniel (not very) Sharpy 

Sent from my iPhone
Stop Brexit.
Build a brighter future.
Daniel, for too many people things aren’t working as they should be.

Working hard and playing by the rules aren’t enough to guarantee a happy, fulfilling and secure life for them and their children.

The Conservatives and Labour can’t fix this.

They are stuck in the past and have failed time and time again to deliver a better future.

Only the Liberal Democrats can build a brighter future.

That’s why we’re launching our General Election slogan today.

We have an ambitious plan for the future of our country, where every person, every community and our planet can thrive. Are you with us? Yes, I am ➜
Daniel, I am ambitious for Britain’s future and with your help, we can stop Brexit and deliver a brighter future.     Best wishes,

Jo Swinson
Liberal Democrats PS: The next few weeks will see us send quite a few emails about our country’s future. You can choose the kind of emails you get from us over the next five weeks here: PS: The next few weeks will see us send quite a few emails about our country’s future. You can choose the kind of emails you get from us over the next five weeks here: Help us build a brighter future. The two old parties have failed Britain.
The Liberal Democrats are fighting to stop Brexit and build a brighter future for Britain.

Play your part. Find out how you can help us win: I’m in ➜
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i miss you so much and i have been thinking about you all day ??????

ashley kisses xx

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Daniel, this is it. On 12th December, Britain will go to the polls to elect a new Government.

This is our chance to stop Brexit and save our country’s future. Donate now and help do that: Quick donate ➜
We’ve hit the ground running. Over the last two months we’ve knocked on hundreds of thousands of doors, delivered millions of leaflets and letters and run the largest online campaign of any political party. We’re the fastest growing political party in the country.

We have real momentum. And we need to keep it up. This is your chance to stop Brexit and deliver a brighter future for Britain. Please, donate £25 or whatever you can afford today: Quick donate £25 ➜
With your help Daniel we’re to take our positive, liberal pro-European vision to the country at this election.

We’re going to stand up for our country’s future. And when the votes have all been cast, we’re going to elect more Liberal Democrat MPs and get to work building a brighter future.

That’s our goal and we don’t have any time to waste so please, Daniel, donate today and help get our campaign off to a flying start. Quick donate £25 ➜
Thank you,


Jo Swinson
Liberal Democrats

PS: The next few weeks will see us send quite a few emails about our country’s future. You can choose the kind of emails you get from us over the next five weeks here: Did you like this email? Yes ?? – No ?? This email was sent to Daniel Sharp at Need to update your details? Click here. You’re receiving this email because you have signed up for Liberal Democrat emails. Want to change the kind of email you’re getting? Update your email preferences Don’t want to get our emails anymore? Click here to unsubscribe. Published and promoted by Mike Dixon on behalf of the Liberal Democrats, 8-10 Great George Street, London, SW1P 3AE.
My very blonde girlfriend can’t stop raving about 28th October like it’s her birthday.

I think my dark haired blonde haired lady of the night is an Ashley Olsen cute snake of an Americanised mad mademoiselle!

- sign USA up at

You’re already forty thousands of Australian dollars under the sea in uninitiated intellectual property rights litigation!

- Daniel “Storm” Sharp
Janitor, IAC
CEO, Ocean Zion’s (Pond)  media [yeah hadn’t picked up that one yet had ya]

PO BOX 353 Freshwater NSW 2096 Australia 

[we gave you everything and …]

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Sands of time, drift away…

I did promise a song, apology for delays.Xxl cxl Romance Roman Numerals Thatcher for a change…God bless my messiah!In Jesus’s life for his contemporaries suffocating in the godless communities of Xi Jinping’s organ harvesting middle ‘great ww2 wall of cowardice’ Middle Kikingdom – my heart and soul’s of genocide Opposition grace goes out to you good decent people enduring a dictaworship grandiose ideation mad with middling power sufferer such that XI is actively plotting heinous terrorism in my own backyard and trying to plant it on me by corrupting Google maps locatin services to place me falsely in locrealities online to indict me without truth or foundation.

Xi Jinping’s done the similar odious terroRussian disabling horror to the Federation in disabling their ability to produce engines for their much needed and of highest quality Admiral G-somethking new frigates that put FREMM to shame and line up equally in ccapability and far in excess for cost effecurrency as our slated BAE Systems top shelf 9 Type 26 Frigate builds.Because China wants a wealth of Russian poverty on the ocean pond that is our Pacific water to ensure effective annexation of the Kremlin’s most loyal and dependable ally in the world who they helped liberate from foreign colonial then neocolonial occupation:The People’s Republic of Vietnam.

Mr Putin, the Ukrainian revolution was not a NATO western plot – American greed of global reach was suckered to holistic effect by a connivance mechanism of malevolence from Beijing to deny Russia’s eastern independence by depriving your beautiful country of the means to defend her realm and that of herself the moment that nearly brought pax Americana in all it’s essentially fragile polarity crashing to its knees – when Russia quietly and diplomagically handed the Johnson-Nixon-Ford axis of conventional overreach crashing to its knees.

If American power had hedged in deference to grace, they would have helped finance the Kuomintang nationalists retake the commercial ports of Shenzen, Guangzhou & Shanghai to conclude the still as yet unfinalised Chinese civil war in favour of a hopeful birth of a democratic China.Instead they chose colonialism, hostile occupboard barely there foreign occupation and a stance of playing the baBA badly concealed bad guy in a war of independence the proud people of Vietnam collectively yearned for above aNY constitutional issues surrounding the ideological bent of their hoped to God for promised land.Read Ho Chi Minh’s dissertation of his nuanced, researched and considered ideal of communist party rule and you will find one considerable consistency – he wasn’t a communist at all.

Ho Chi Minh was a patriot, who adopted communism in deference to his loyal RusAsian ally that placed freedom over servitude in the liberation of Saigon from Franco-American rule.The simple test of whether an American war is a bad idea is if Britain or France opt out of participating – like the UK did in Vietnam and the French did in the 2003 ISIS creating administrative disaster that was Iraq War 2.0You know that a war is written in the book of bad ideas when the first soldiers killed by the US military were… a helicopter full of British marines!

Lest We Forget.

I respect Russian investment in our sovereign wealth for since the darkest hours of World War 2 they helped furnish the Kuomintang with arms and supplies to hold down two whole Japanese armies in China and Manchuria – holding true to their quiet commitments to Australia’s greatest ever Prime Minister John Curtin.

We may have looked to America free of any pangs as to our traditional kinship with the (two capital ships sent on a suicide run with no air cover – thanks/no thanks) United Kingdom.

But we have Russian investment and initiatives to praise in thankful appreciation for holding back half the Japanese army in China and instructing ahll communist party of Australia members to not strike under any circumstances.

Japan needs to sign unconditional surrender with the Kremlin just as it did in a separate peace with America and the British Commonwealth.American naval dominance would have been inadequate but for the diplomatic trapeze artist juggling act of the Soviet Union in the Pacific theatre – while simultaneously staring down a genocidal inspired Nazi subjugation of its mostly economically important European sovereign land.World War Two should in all fairness read – won by Russia, with a little bit of help from the United Kingdom’s Commonwealth of diversity and her liberty loans enthusiasts United States.

Don’t get me wrong – I love our American friends and allies as brothers, lovers and hopefully my next children’s mother. But my heart will never waver or wane in affections for President Vladimir Putin’s vodka swilling band of faithful brothers, friends and partners.

A government I lead, when Fantastic Fictional Idiom number 48246 lapses finally to enable careful environmental sensitivity mineral and gas exploration and utilisation of the Australian Antarctic (which my government will defend to the last man and last shilling from a prying envious duplicitous Beijing Xinjiang imprisonment society club) – Russia will become instantly a most favoured nation welcome – in fact enthusiastically invited – to share in our wealth creation and responsibility to ensure ourselves and each other retain a global station of peaceful bipolarity between our American allies who have my unyielding loyalty – and my Honourable Russian Federation comraderie who my grandfather fought in the Battle of the Arctic to ensure essential supplies got through to the eastern front to defeat the evil of Hitler’s Germany.

He also fought for American fleets in Battle of Atlantic so Russia, America – both hold equal grace in my heart no matter how impetuous your respective personal relation to each other’s not very conflicensed overlapping affairs clash on rare occasion.

President Trump and President Putin’s mutual respect and regard for one another is a very positive realisation. Hillary “bomb Russian aircraft in Syria” Clinton was a brilliant dispatch of the Electoral College system to avoid calamity.

I respect Joe Biden’s dignity, intelligence and careful regard for foreign policy considerations in equal part to President Trump’s. These two good men, win or lose, place the United States in good stead for years to come.

That’s why I support #TrumpBiden, or #BidenTrump – flip a coin fellas and co-President for a change.

Nothing in the constitution stops the president affording equal authority to his/her (hopefully soon that New York look twice nice Congresswoman Cortez she can dance onto my screen any day of the week) vice in any eat-in takeaway or dine in restaurant litany of equations.

Just ask George W Bush and Dick Cheney.

I #RespectRespect… #welcometochechnya