About us


All free thinking nations should have the right to share in our entitlement to four freedoms: the freedom of speech and expression, the freedom to worship God in our own way, freedom from want and freedom from fear.

At Ocean Pond Media, we believe that without the first freedom, the other three can never be realised.

Across the world, however, freedom of speech and expression is under siege.

Terrorism and the politics of fear, among other sinister initiatives, are resulting in the regressive dispossession of these fundamental human rights.

Further, the dichotomy between rich and poor means people with less money increasingly do not have access to quality information services.

At Ocean Pond Media, we aim to be fair, transparent, and unapologetically independent in helping people better understand the world we live in and the one we aspire to.

Media is one of the few industries that has the potential to change the world for the better.

Our mission is to be a part of that change.

We want readers and citizens to see objective facts as they are presented, undisguised and undiminished by ulterior motives or agenda.

In today’s media landscape, the lack of quality media is beginning to undermine public trust in our democracies.

Ocean Pond Media aims to play a role in the development and betterment of our shared society by addressing challenges through the provision of dynamic and innovative perspectives and information services.

In doing so, we face unique challenges, but we are up to the challenge – the truth is worth it.


Ocean Pond Media

The truth is worth it.